PEMF for Covid-19? Also called Corona or the Chinese virus. 

PEMF's do not cure or prevent Corona and is not intended to treat Covid-19.

Up to 30% of patients who are seriously ill with coronavirus are developing dangerous blood clots, according to medical experts. (BBC News).

As coronavirus was spreading across the globe doctors started seeing severe lung inflammation with high rates of clots in patients admitted to hospital. They also discovered hundreds of micro-clots in the lungs of some patients.

Covid-19 has also increased cases of deep vein thrombosis which can be life-threatening when fragments break off and end up in the lungs, blocking blood vessels.

Sticky blood or Rouleaux are clumps of red blood cells and usually form as a result of abnormal quantities of immunoglobulin in the blood as triggered by Covid-19.

Blood samples from patients show how coronavirus is changing their blood, making it much stickier, which can lead to forming of blood clots, being the result of severe inflammation in the lungs.

Sticky blood has wide repercussions because it also leads to strokes and heart attacks.

High intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields improve microcirculation & oxygenation and is an important tool to boost the body’s immune system, provided the intensity of the pulsing electromagnetic field is strong enough to penetrate the whole body.

Curatron high intensity PEMF therapy improves energy supply while at the same time detox the whole body.

PEMF is however not a cure nor prevents against the Corona virus and not intended to treat Covid-19.

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For true high intensity Energy Medicine and Impulse systems for instant pain relief.

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