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The best most versatile and effective pulse PEMF machines in the world!

Curatron high intensity Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy - PEMF devices

Curatron PEMF machines are also known under the Parmeds name.

Curatron Flash

The Power to Penetrate


When looking for a pulsed PEMF device it is imperative that the device has the ability to penetrate the complete human body. Moving away from a PEMF mat the intensity of pulsed electromagnetic fields decrease substantially. Most devices are not strong enough to penetrate the entire body!


Curatron pulse PEMF systems have the power to fully penetrate the whole body with superior speed of induction while changing frequencies every couple of minutes to avoid body adaptation.


There are Curatron PEMF coils for concentrated high power treatment up-to 1,600 Gauss and 10,000 Gauss for the FLASH models!

Curatron PEMF intro

Curatron PEMF therapy for

  •  Pain Relief

  •  Osteoporosis

  •  Arthritis 

  •  Fibromyalgia 

  •  Rheumatic pain

  •  Back pain

  •  Sports Injuries

  •  Stress reduction 

  •  Health and Fitness 

  •  Anti Aging

  •  Fracture healing

  •  Athletic performance

Curatron Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a safe and non-invasive method to effectively treat both acute and chronic pain, as well as rheumatic disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis.


PEMF therapy aids in the healing of soft tissue injuries, inflammatory joints, and delayed or non-union fractures, while also improving circulation and cellular metabolism.

Chronic pain is often associated with sleep disturbances, creating a cycle where pain hinders sleep, and lack of sleep exacerbates the pain. Curatron PEMF systems address both issues simultaneously by reducing pain and enhancing sleep quality.


For PEMF therapy to be physiologically effective, the electromagnetic signal must be strong enough to penetrate deeply into cells and bones. All Curatron systems generate electromagnetic fields up to the milli Tesla range to achieve optimal results.

PEMF therapy is based on more than 40 years of worldwide research carried out by renowned scientists and many years of practical experience by thousands of doctors, chiropractors and therapists.


There are many thousands of Curatron and Parmeds PEMF machines in use by private customers and medical professionals around the world. Hundreds of millions Curatron treatments have been successfully done  in more than 100 countries worldwide, improving dramatically the quality of life for numerous people!


Curatron PEMF therapy is very successful for pain relief as well as for many other conditions.

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields influence cell behavior by inducing electrical changes around and within the cell. Improved blood supply increases the oxygen pressure, activating and regenerating cells. Improved calcium transport increases absorption of calcium in bones and improves the quality of cartilage in joints, decreasing pain dramatically. Acute and even chronic pain, also caused by arthritis and osteoporosis, may disappear completely. 

There are many scientific studies on the degree of effectiveness for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy. It was found that disturbances in blood circulation and in metabolism play a key role in the development of diseases. Application of PEMF therapy, also called energy medicine, by pulsed electromagnetic fields with Curatron and Parmeds devices has a proven track record for more than 20 years. 

The Curatron systems are the only computerized systems using advanced Frequency Modulated Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy. This technology generates time variable, low frequency pulsed electromagnetic fields, which are far superior compared to other PEMF technologies. 

The intensity of the pulsing magnetic fields, combined with the frequency and waveform, are the most crucial specifications in order to obtain successful results. The Curatron systems generate magnetic field strengths up to the 700 milli Tesla range, ensuring full body penetration, a necessary factor in order to induce changes within the cells.

The Curatron PEMF devices are designed with a combination of both intensity and frequency changes during the same program sequence, obtaining a much higher efficacy level than possible with any other system.

The Curatron PEMF devices provide a non-invasive, safe and easy method to directly treat pain, injuries, and other types of ailments.


The systems are completely autonomous running with or without external PEMF software on a laptop or PC, and each unit contains 10 Master programs, each divided again into sub-programs, which run automatically. It is also possible to compile own programs with the external software on PC or Laptop connected to a PC or 3D unit. 

This software also allows for collection of information of the applied protocols, used for the same person and can then also be printed.

Both the Curatron and Parmeds systems are the only economical priced computerized PEMF systems with sufficient intensity and energy to obtain a real therapeutic effect. 

The excellence of the Curatron systems has made Curatronic Ltd. the undisputed leader of PEMF therapy devices on more than 5 continents around the world.

Curatronic keeps overhead and profit margins as low as possible in order to offer the best PEMF therapy devices in the market, to as many individuals and medical professionals as possible!

Curatronic Ltd.  Contact our office in Israel:

Testimonials Curatron pemf devices


The machine is simply spectacular. The results are very conclusive. I have been suffering since the age of 21 and today, at 49, for having tried therapy, diet, different pemf devices, several therapists, I thank the Divine every day for having the chance to have this device at home.

Our life is completely changed. Between a new car and the device, we chose the device and that is the best decision we made. Everyone on this planet should have the chance to be treated by your quality invention. It is a Divine gift.

Nancy P.

Absolutely brilliant!
I am  extremely happy with the Flash. I'm using it all day in different areas as I sit at my desk.
For example, I hang the loop over my motor cortex, around my neck at C7/T1, around my shoulder for the brachial plexus, along my spinal cord, and alternate between program 1, 2, 7 and 9.
Jorge T., Australia​

Awesome testimonials Curatron systems

Never be without!
We are very satisfied with the product as a whole-body treatment to relieve and manage the chronic aches and pains one experiences as a result of the aging process. Head, Neck, Shoulders, Middle and Lower Back, Arms, Hands, Wrists, Knees, Feet,  we've treated every area of our bodies.  Having access to daily treatments has without a doubt diminished all body pain.  Now that we have the device, we would NEVER want to be without one.  
Wendy W. Pleasanton, CA

Great product!

I purchased the FLASH and must say it's more powerful than I expected. Do yourself a favor and order this and save $14,000.00 from the PEMF-120

Mark Allen, Murfreesboro, TN

Exceptional Product!

Both my mother and carer are blown away by how they felt on the 3D mattress. None of us have experienced powerful PEMF before and we're all blown away by the experience.

You've really designed an exceptional product here!


Brilliant work!
I used one of the programs today and held the magnet to feel the frequencies and changes; brilliant work, I'm really excited by the technology. We're all impressed by how far the PEMF travels with strength away from the mat by feeling the magnet's perturbations in the hand.


The FLASH is working very well. I personally saw some good results after I developed cellulitis in my right leg from a spider bite. The FLASH unit really helped promote circulation to my leg and accelerated my recovery.
H.M. Chiropractor, Minneapolis, MN

Curatron XPSE user.

I must let you know that I had a major lower back surgery, used the mat every day.

My specialist was astounded at my recovery, med free, and I did not have to have my 6 month checkup. No issues with my back whatsoever!

Thank you Curatron.

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