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Electro-sensitivity is also called electromagnetic hypersensitivity, electro-hypersensitivity or electrical sensitivity.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity people seem to experience some interaction with electromagnetic fields in the range of frequencies used for 5G networks, transmitters, receivers, computers, televisions, cell phones etc., which operate in the intermediate frequency range of 100.000 – 300.000 waves or Hz per second.

Some people feel they are sensitive to these electromagnetic fields and try to reduce their exposure to these electromagnetic sources by disconnecting or removing electrical devices or use shielding in their homes. 


Electrosensitive person

However, PEMF devices use extremely low frequencies under 50 Hz, which are non-ionizing and the body absorbs this energy from these magnetic fields differently because of the low frequencies used, which leads to biological effects like muscle relaxation, bone healing, nerve stimulation and regeneration.

We know from technical analyses done on some other PEMF devices (no names), that they do have a fair amount of "noise" in their signals. As a result, sensitive people will have to stay away from these devices exactly because of this reason.

Our company has received questions from people who seem to suffer from some degree of electro-sensitivity and wonder how "clean" the PEMF signals of the Curatron systems are.

The Curatron systems have an electrical filtering system at the input of the mains electrical supply, which is often quite dirty and full of transient peaks. Our company has done electronic assessments on the output signals in regards to whether there are stray frequencies, even though they may be a of very low amplitude.


The Curatron device has been tested to be in compliance with the following EMC requirements.

  1.  Conducted emissions from AC Mains

  2.  Radiated emission 

  3.  Harmonic emissions on power lines

  4.  Voltage fluctuations on power lines

  5.  Immunity to electrostatic discharge

  6.  Immunity to radiated field

  7.  Immunity to electrical fast transient / burst

  8.  Immunity to conductive surges

  9.  Immunity to conducted disturbances

  10.  Immunity to magnetic field

  11.  Voltage dips and short interruptions

The most important for electro-sensitive people are the first two tests conducted emission from AC mains and radiated emission and the other tests are solved internally in the Curatron unit.

Conducted emissions.jpg
Anechoic chamber.jpg
Conducted emission graph.jpg

Curatron conducted emission measurements

Anechoic chamber


conducted emission

The conduction tests were performed inside an Anechoic RF chamber (= special EMC shielded room like MRI rooms) to avoid background noise interference. A frequency scan was performed between 0.15 and 30 MHz detecting the frequency highest peaks. The mains connection and applicator connection cables were folded to create the worst possible radiation values.


On the picture of the Conduction emission graph is clearly visible that the incoming disturbances from the mains are perfectly suppressed (blue and black) and the minimal quasi peak lies around 30 MHz. 

Radiated emissions.jpg

Curatron radiated emission measurements

Radiated emission horizontal.jpg

Curatron radiated emission horizontal

Radiated emission vertical.jpg

Curatron radiated emission vertical

The radiated emission tests were done both inside an Anechoic chamber and in the open air. The frequency range between 30 and 1000 MHz were scanned. To get the highest readings the outdoor receiving polarized antenna was adjusted between 1 and 4 m. (3.3 and 13 feet) height as can be seen in the foreground of the picture. Tables show for both horizontal and vertical measurements.

Conclusion: EMC emissions will be much higher if someone walks outside in the street of a city or when sitting in their own kitchen with all kind of electrical appliances around.


Also needs to be taken into account that the requirements for regular household devices like TV or fridge are way lower than for medical devices like the for the Curatron.

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