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PEMF coils

Field lines pemf coil

At the left we see the magnetic field lines for a cylinder PEMF coil.

The red rectangle indicates the position of the body for the person undergoing pulsed electromagnetic field therapy treatment.


The effective pulsed electromagnetic field energy for this PEMF cylinder coil at the right is mostly local and inside the cylinder and its efficacy hardly extends outside the cylinder itself. The treatment is localized to the area where the coil is located and such a system is not suitable for whole body therapy.

pemf field lines 2

The person must be inside the cylinder, which is often a cumbersome process, especially for elderly people. 


The body cylinder was developed decades ago and was the only solution to generate sufficient PEMF intensity to be effective because the electronics available then were unable to drive sufficient energy into flat surface coils.

These cylinder coils for PEMF applications are now obsolete and only used with old types of PEMF devices.  

Curatron pemf mattress

Here we see the magnetic field lines for surface coils.  The red rectangle indicates the position of the body. 


The energy of the surface coil is spread out evenly over the surface even when multiple coils are arranged inside a flat pad or mattress applicator.

In addition the electromagnetic fields extend over a larger area. 

Field lines flat pemf coil

The PEMF device must energize all the coils in the PEMF mattress at the same time but there are PEMF devies where the coils are energized only one after the other. This means that the actual average of transferred electromagnetic energy into the body is much less than written in specifications of these devices. E.g. if there are a total of 8 coils in the mat this leaves only 12.5% of the rated PEMF intensity, or otherwise said, only during 12.5% of the total treatment time each coil is actually activated with electromagnetic energy!

Some manufacturers use only one large coil in their full body mat to save on costs. This is actually just a long wire surrounding the mat or used to wind around the body. It is easy to prove with mathematical formulas to prove that the PEMF in such a mat is a in the low micro Tesla range only because it is not possible to approach even a nicely spread PEMF energy field over the full surface of such a mat.


The PEMF generators of all the Curatron home and professional devices are designed to drive all the coils in the applicators at the same time during the complete treatment session. The coils in the mattress are placed in such a way that the PEMF is evenly spread out as far as this is scientificly possible.  

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