Ultra high intensity impulse PEMF device for clinical use. Game changing technology!



> 10,000 Gauss

FLASH video

The ULTRA-FLASH is the optimal choice for clinical use offering ultra high intensity impulse PEMF therapy.


This system has a dual applicator feature allowing 2 applicators to be used simultaneously.


The ULTRA-FLASH super high intensity PEMF system is electronically controlled by high voltage solid state semiconductor technology and no parts need to be replaced making the unit completely service free, like all other Curatron models.

The Curatron ULTRA-FLASH unit has 10 internal computer controlled programs offering a wide choice for many treatment possibilities. 

Specifications ULTRA-FLASH

Waveform                            impulse

Intensity                               > 10000 Gauss = 1000 milli Tesla = > 1 Tesla

10 Programs                        each 30 minutes

Pulse rate                             < 1 – 5 pulse/second

Clock & program display  built-in

Dimensions unit                 11.5” x 10” x 5”

Unit weight                          13.5 lbs.

Included                               ULTRA unit, 12” loop coil & test magnet

Input voltage                      115/230 volt 

Warranty period                3 years on unit and 6 months on loop coil  

Available for shipment in May 2021 pre-order now with big discount!

Options                                Pad, medium mat and full body mat

To read more about explanations on FLASH impulse PEMF technology see under the Technology section.



Well, I am using the Ultra-Flash daily. I mostly use the 12” loop itself for my entire back or configure it into the double loop and use directly over my more problemed areas. I have a horrible back with issues in my cervical neck, along my scapula and down into my lower lumbar and sacrum. I have been using the unit daily when I am here in the office. Most of the time I use it while I am at my desk and use on average 30-40 mins., but sometimes an hour. It really helps with any immediate pain I am having and I notice after treatment that I have gained a bit more mobility and flexibility in my back.

Of all the different units I have tried here in the office I have found this one to be the most effective for me and I am basically hogging it all to myself!  I really don’t even give anyone else a chance to use it, I really should be a good girl and learn to share.


Thank you for what you do!


The only company in the world manufacturing a complete line of PEMF machines based on different technologies. Starting with Home devices up to full clinical systems.

For true high intensity Energy Medicine and Impulse systems for instant pain relief.

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