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The history of obsolete Spark Gap technology - Part 1

The first machine was developed in Greece  by Prof Pappas during the 1980's and was called the PAP-IMI machine.

He noticed that a patient spontaneous recovered from a chronic illness after being hit by lightning. In 1987 Pappas started his research leading to positive effects of electrical processes in cells.

Spark pemf machines

After the PAP-IMI machine was introduced on the market in the USA it got some negative reviews and the US distributor redeveloped this original machine, repacked it in a smaller box and succesfully put it on the market as new technology. 

Because this machine was easy to copy a technician left the company and started building his own device in his garage, soon to be followed by a couple of other people also wanting to become rich. Soon the market was flooded with similar spark gap machines starting from primitive boxes, suitcases on wheels and up to nice colored boxes. 

Spark gap technology is quite easy to build and such devices are still sold on fancy websites for prices of around $20,000 making some people very rich because the investments are minimal and profit margins are very high.

In addition it's easy to find a second hand spark gap machine for under $10,000 on eBay because users are glad to get rid of this technology, or even directly from manufacturers who are unable to develop PEMF devices with modern solid state electronics.

Many people buying such obsolte technology often do not realise that spark gap electrodes need to be replaced after a while making service very cumbersome and expensive.

Modern solid state impulse PEMF devices are completely service free and prices start already under $5,000. These devices deliver up to 4000 Gauss, which is more than enough for use at home and for medical professionals treating patients. 

Transport pemf
Garage build pemf4000 machine
PEMF8000 in suitcase
pap-imi machine
Spark gap device
Garage build Magnawave machine
Magnawave suitcase machine
Pulsecenters spark gap device
pemf-120 device
PEMF8000 in suitcase
pemf-120 machine
Magnawave device
Hugo intense.jpg
Hugo pemf device made in China

On this page are various outdated spark gap machines: PEMF-120, PMT 120, PEMF8000, Magnawave, Pulsecenters, Hugo, Megapulse etc.

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