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Avascular necrosis

Avascular necrosis (AVN), literally meaning "bone death”, is a pathologic process that results from interruption of blood supply to the bone. As result the bone dies and looses all strengths and ultimately cannot support the skeleton anymore.


A while ago we were contacted by a pharmacist who suffered from severe femoral avascular necrosis at both sides as a result of diabetes. He was in constant pain, had great difficulty walking, and could hardly function anymore.

His MRI clearly showed major problems and no doubt that in a short while he would end up in a wheelchair. Hip replacements would have been very problematic because both femurs were already in such a poor shape that it would be doubtful if it could be done at all.


He decided to purchase a PEMF Curatron device complete with a very high energy coil and treat himself daily for half an hour.


After 4 months he had a second MRI which clearly showed a substantial improvement of bone density in the affected areas.

These results can only be achieved with the Curatron PEMF system because it has sufficient pulsed electromagnetic field intensity to penetrate the bones deep inside the body completely and redevelop blood supply to the affected bones, resulting in impressive increase in bone density within just a couple of months!



Here is a letter we received from a lady suffering from osteonecrosis of the jaw. Her jaw has healed and her pain has disappeared.

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Avascular Necrosis Before Curatron PEMF Treatment

curatron treatment for fibromyalgia

After Curatron PEMF treatment

I wanted to let you know how much relief the mat has provided me regarding the osteonecrosis of my jaw. I no longer have pain and my mouth has healed. I know that the electromagnetic pulsing the mat provides has helped in this situation.


There are so many others who have been diagnosed with this horrific condition.......caused by the greedy drug companies releasing drugs that are unfit for human well as the medical system that refuses to accept responsibility to look outside their paradigm and see that there are better ways for the body to heal than using drugs.


I am still looking for a way to remove the drugs from my bones to stop the necrosis process.........but feel that as long as I have the mat, I will be fine!


Thank you so much.........Your help has most likely saved my life.

Kathy W. USA

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