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Frequency for PEMF devices

No less important than the intensities generated by PEMF devices, frequencies are an additional parameter to be reviewed carefully.


Frequency ranges used in PEMF devices vary widely, but before going into more details and explanations about the differences between the various pulsed electromagnetic therapy systems, let us first find out what pulsing frequencies actually are.


As the name pulsed electromagnetic field therapy already indicates, magnetic energy is transferred into the body by means of pulsing the energy with a specific repetition rate called frequency. Frequency is expressed as how many pulses per second are generated by the device. 

Sinus signals as basis for pemf

Frequency is expressed in Hertz (Hz) named after the physicist Heinrich Hertz. For example, 1 Hz means 1 pulse per second;

2 Hz means 2 pulses per second, etc.


This picture clearly shows the differences between various frequencies: the more waves you see during the same time window, the higher the frequency is.

The frequency of the lowest purple wave is 4 times higher than the frequency of the highest red wave.

In America the waves of the frequency in the outlets of your house change 60 times per second in direction (in most of the world 50 times per second) and so in the USA the power is rated as 115Volt - 60 Hz.


The frequency ranges specified for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy devices range between 1 Hz to more than 1000 Hz. Many independent studies done during the last 30 years clearly indicate that frequencies which are beneficial for human applications are mainly between 1 and 50 Hz. Electromagnetic pulsing frequencies above 100-200 Hz quickly decrease in their ability to contribute to the beneficial effects of PEMF on cells and bones, and show similar effects as in the picture of the intensity decrease on the previous page.


However, it is still unclear which exact frequencies relates to specific diseases, body functions, cells, and bones. Some mavens suggest that frequencies in the range of 1-15 Hz are more important, while others prefer frequencies in the 10-50 Hz range. This is the reason why the Curatron systems offer a pulsed frequency range of 1-50 Hz to include all possibilities.

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