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PEMF oscillating and impulse machine manufacturers

Potential customers might want to understand why our company has no problem listing information about other manufacturers, because we are the leading manufacturer of PEMF machines in the world, with numerous Curatron devices in more than 90 countries.

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So here is a list of some other manufacturers and please be aware that very low, low and medium intensity machines are unable to penetrate deep into the body. Because of this they will only have wellness and placebo effects.

For real therapeutic effect the reader is advised to look only at high intensity machines.

Oscillating, hummer also called true pemf machines:

Very low intensity pemf machines are bemer, medithera, qrs, vasindux, omi (made in Hungary). 

Low intensity pemf machines are biobalance, sedona.

Medium intensity pemf machine is biomag (made in Czechia).

High intensity and very high intensity pemf machines are the curatron models.

Impulse or ringer solid state pemf machines:

Medium intensity manufactured by pulsed harmonics. 

High intensity pemf machines are curatron multi-flash, teslafit.

Very high intensity machine is the curatron premium-flash.

Ultra high intensity machine is the curatron ultra-flash

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Impulse or ringer obsolete spark gap pemf machines:

Very high intensity machines are pemf-120, pmt 120, pemf 8000, magnawave, pulsecenters, hugo (made in China)

Pemf machines only for very small treatment areas:

Flexpulse, amp coil, earthpulse (made in India),  micropulse, haelo,

almag (made in Russia), neorhythm (made in Slovenia), sota (made in China)

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