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What is Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a chronic condition characterized by a number of symptoms, including widespread body pain, tender spots around joints, fatigue, sleep disturbances, trouble with concentrating and anxiety.

Because there is no way to measure or test for fibromyalgia, and because its symptoms may be associated with a variety of other diseases, it can be difficult to diagnose, especially bearing in mind that the symptoms can come and go.


The criteria by which your doctor will diagnose you for fibromyalgia include


  • Widespread pain for at least three months

  • Other symptoms such as fatigue and sleep disturbances

  • No underlying condition that might be the cause of your symptoms


Fatigue and Sleep disturbances can be helped with pemf

It is still unknown what causes fibromyalgia, but researchers believe it may have to do with problems in the central nervous system. Pain signals are processed differently leading to a heightened sensitivity to pain. Although different theories exist as to what triggers fibromyalgia, the consensus is that it caused by a combination of factors such as genetic, hormonal, and traumatic.


Pulsed Electro Magnetic therapy can help by reducing pain, improving sleep quality, and inducing a feeling of relaxation, regeneration, and well being.

In the following letter Dr. Robert Sklovsky shares his positive experience of treating a Fibromyalgia patient with the Curatron PEMF system

curatron treatment for fibromyalgia
PEMF with Curatron letter

My name is Deni Stewart and I have fibromyalgia.


This syndrome, as FM has been labeled, has completely changed my life and definitely not for the better.  The constant pain has been so much of a disabling factor that I can no longer function normally.


One of the many facets of FM is something I commonly call "body hum".  If you are a fellow FM sufferer you already understand what I mean. After three treatments this "body hum" has been totally eliminated.


I am extremely grateful to Sheila and the PEMF treatments for enhancing the quality of my life. Now after several more treatments I have found that I sleep more deeply and I have seen moderate changes to my body's overall stability.


The effects of the changes resulting from PEMF treatments have been observed by several health care professionals but especially my chiropractor.


He commented that I am now more capable of holding an adjustment. He also observed that I seem to be much happier in general. And this is the case...I have had a wonderful I don't think I would have had without PEMF.


Thank you!
Deni S. Canada

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