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PEMF for cancer therapy and cancer treatment

Curatronic does not actively promote Curatron PEMF devices for cancer treatment because we do not want to be “thrown in the same corner” as some companies who claim to “heal” cancer.


Having said this, high intensity PEMF is safe for cancer therapy and might have beneficial effects for cancer patients.

Testimonial Intergrative Oncologist Dr. Stegall:

I am really enjoying my Curatron machine and use it on almost all of my cancer patients in my integrative oncology practice. That and the LLLT-PEMF probe have proven to be a great combination.

Oncologist using Curatron PEMF system for his patients

Patient testimonial:


I've mentioned before that I love my PEMF PC Pro system and until my recent cancer event I truly believe it has kept me healthy all these years and I continue to believe it is now even helping me recover faster from my cancer treatments.

To support this feeling I would like to pass on to you a really wonderful compliment I received from my nurses and doctors that I attribute to my daily use of my PEMF Therapy system.

To start with, last week during my weekly exam my nurses came in and were somewhat elated with my progress and exam results telling me I was doing really well. The head doctor on my treatment team went even further and told me that I am much further along the treatment curve and doing better at this point in my treatment program than most anyone he has seen before!

With a big smile on his face he said you are doing so well we could use you as a Poster Child for our chemo/radiation treatment program!

It was a fun way to receive such great news!

While I still have some rough times ahead with my continued radiation treatments and their accumulative negative side effects and don't want to get over excited but you can believe that it made me smile all day! It confirmed and reassured me that I was doing the right things for myself, especially with using my PEMF PC Pro after my treatments every day.

So my doctor's compliment is passed on to you as you deserve credit for your amazing PEMF technology. Great teamwork and thanks!

Take care and God Bless,

Rober L., HI, USA

Patient testimonial:


Just want to say that I have lots of benefits using the Curatron during my chemotherapy treatments. Daily use with the high energy coil on hands and feet during 9 weeks to reduce tingling and itching.

Tomorrow my last chemotherapy treatment but I am going to continue treatments for the benefit of recovery of nerve ends.

Greetings, Mark

Curatron high intensity PEMF devices are in use for cancer therapy in quite a few countries around the world [USA, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia].


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