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Curatron FLASH PEMF system for instant pain relief, an excellent choice for chiropractors.

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PEMF for cancer therapy and cancer treatment

Curatronic does not actively promote Curatron PEMF devices for cancer treatment because we do not want to be “thrown in the same corner” as some companies who claim to “heal” cancer.


Having said this, high intensity PEMF is safe for cancer therapy and might have beneficial effects for cancer patients.

Just want to say that I have lots of benefits using the Curatron during my chemotherapy treatments. Daily use with the high energy coil on hands and feet during 9 weeks to reduce tingling and itching.

Tomorrow my last chemotherapy treatment but I am going to continue treatments for the benefit of recovery of nerve ends.

Greetings, Mark

Oncologist using Curatron PEMF system for his patients

Curatron high intensity PEMF devices are in use for cancer therapy in quite a few countries around the world [USA, Germany, Mexico, Malaysia].


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"I am really enjoying my Curatron machine and use it on almost all of my cancer patients in my integrative oncology practice. That and the LLLT-PEMF probe have proven to be a great combination" 

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