My personal magnetic story 

by Ben Philipson, CEO Curatronic Ltd.

In the early 1970’s a German scientist by the name of Dr. Manfred Fichtner developed a “pulsating magnetic field therapy device” named Magnetotron and started manufacturing these devices at his company, Elec System in Germany. He was clearly far ahead of his time.

Original Magnetrotron

Magnetotron in use

After his initial success selling these devices in Germany, he started looking to expand sales in other European countries and contacted a company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, where I worked as technical director. I then went to visit his office in Germany and following this visit Manfred and I went together on a tour seeing potential customers in The Netherlands.

Our company was selling and servicing medical devices for cardiology and physiotherapy and there was a good match between our company and Elec System to introduce these pulsating magnetic field devices in The Netherlands.

However, creating interest in a complete new medical therapy during the same time where also other new types of medical therapies were introduced, like electro-acupuncture, was difficult and after a couple of initial successful sales interest was lost and we discontinued marketing in The Netherlands. I was also told that a person working for him ”borrowed” his plans and left for Canada where he still sells these devices under a different name.

Manfred Fichtner

Magnetotron in use

Copy machine

But also in Germany, where it was called “Magnetfeldtherapie”, the market slowly lost interest too and it seemed that this technology continued to lose ground during the following years. Elec System was continued by Manfred’s son under a different name but because other companies started manufacturing cheap and low intensity magnetic field devices too, his company halted manufacturing of magnetic therapy devices and now offers only development and technical service.

During my many trips to Europe as sales director for an Israeli manufacturer of capital medical equipment, I was surprised to discover by the end of the 1980’s renewed interest in pulsing magnetic field therapy as alternative medical treatment in central Europe. Various new names for the same technology were now used, like pulsed signal therapy or magnetotherapy, but in general this therapy form became better known as PEMF or Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy.

Seeing these devices were mainly of poor quality with similar obsolete or simplistic technology and low intensities, I decided to look further because I was convinced that a modern state-of-the-art device would outperform all other devices available on the market.

Having come to this conclusion I introduced this idea to the CEO of the company I was working for and added to my job a new task: being  product manager for a new to develop osteoporosis diagnosis and treatment system.

No sooner said than done the first hospital grade system, both for diagnosis and for electromagnetic treatment for osteoporosis was born and sold to hospitals throughout the world. One of the first customers was the Russia space center for diagnosis and followed by treatment of cosmonauts returning from the MIR space station having lost bone during extended stays in outer space.
In addition  systems were also sold to hospitals in China, where the treatment system was copied by local manufacturers in no time.

Because I wished to make this technology also available to consumers and medical professionals and not just to hospitals, I decided to start my own company. After 2 years R&D and preparations for manufacturing of Curatron devices,  Curatronic Ltd. was born in February 2000.    

As we say the rest is history, having become the leading manufacturer of PEMF technology with a range of true energy medicine devices and impulse high intensity PEMF systems.

The only company in the world manufacturing a complete line of PEMF machines based on different technologies. Starting with Home devices up to full clinical systems.

For true high intensity Energy Medicine and Impulse systems for instant pain relief.

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