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How to choose the right Curatron model  for your applications?

Lots of confusion exists for the correct applications of the different PEMF technologies.

On this page some suggestions are given which technology to choose for what applications.

PEMF FLASH Impulse technology (some call them ringer PEMF devices)

The very high intensity of the PEMF Flash pulses create relatively short electromagnetic pulses of around one milli second = 1/1000 of a second.

Each individual very high intensity impulse will fully penetrate the body but because this pulse is relatively short in duration the quantity of energy transferred by each pulse into the body is lower than oscillating technology and longer treatment sessions might be required to transfer higher quantities of energy into the body, especially for whole body treatment. If Energy Medicine is the main purpose for PEMF [like for athletes, energizing the body, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis etc. etc.] then oscillating technology might be preferred because the total amount of energy inside each very high intensity pulse is lower than of the so called true PEMF .

One of the effects of this very high intensity impulse technology is that muscle contractions occur in high settings. These muscle contractions happen because of the very strong electromagnetic pulses inducted into the body which create eddy currents inside the muscles and thus trigger contractions of the muscles.

Very high intensity and short PEMF pulses also create a form of “pulse injection” and will create a so called "nerve block" and "turns off" pain signals going to the brain.

What can PEMF Flash technology be used for? Very short treatment times like minutes are mostly used for fast pain relief usually lasting for days and for local treatment. In case this technology is used for less energy transfer into to body more impulses are needed compared to "true" PEMF energy medicine technology and for this longer treatment times are used like 30 minutes per session.  

For long term pain relief the underlying cause for the pain needs to be treated. For this the Curatron true PEMF energy medicine technology might be preferred because this not only does treat the source of the pain but in addition transfers into the human body very large quantities of energy and as such does address the actual problem, resulting in long term healing and pain relief.

PEMF Energy Medicine or "true" PEMF (some call them oscillating or hummer PEMF devices)

For many other applications the classic "true" form of PEMF technology is recommended.

This also includes long lasting pain relief in addition to all other applications (also mentioned elsewhere on this website).

Increase of cellular energy, increase of peripheral circulation, increase of oxygen uptake, strengthening of the immune system, detoxification, wellness, long lasting pain relief, athletic performance, general health etc. etc. are all excellent applications for high quantity of energy medicine Curatron PEMF applications.

In this picture a graphical energy comparison is presented to show the differences in energy quantity (contents) between PEMF Flash and PEMF Energy Medicine.

The orange surfaces contain the energy contents of 4000 Gauss very fast and high intensity pulses, while the blue surfaces contain the 500 Gauss energy contents of the “regular” PEMF pulses.


It is now easily seen that FLASH technology is excellent e.g. also for very fast pain relief because of the “numbing-up” effect, and used for longer treatment sessions also like for more classical true PEMF pulse energy medicine. This is because the result of the average healing energy quantity inducted into the body, does take more time than the very short high intensity pulses. In comparison, similar long lasting effects of PEMF therapy can be obtained with flash technology however the total amount of treatment time needed would be longer.

See also our page about Energy Medicine

In Conclusion:

We are often asked what system should be bought for what application and here follows some indications.

Many customers buy a Curatron XPSE with full body mat and very high energy coil, which fully satisfy their needs and we receive numerous emails telling us about their very positive experiences. Having said this we lately see more and more customers buying a Premium-Flash or Ultra-Flash system to obtain as fast as possible tangible results.

Most doctors buy either both the Ultra-Flash and/or the Curatron 3D system to cover all possible applications they have in their practice.

All chiropractors buy the Ultra-Flash, which results in a very high satisfaction effect by their customers.

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