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Differences between PEMF technologies

PEMF FLASH High intensity Impulse technology (some call them ringer PEMF devices)

Very high intensity of PEMF Flash pulses create electromagnetic pulses of around one milli second = 1/1000 of a second.

Each individual high intensity impulse will go fully through the body. Compared to so called oscillating technology these pulses are shorter in duration and the quantity of energy transferred by each pulse into the body is different from oscillating technology.


If looking exclusively for energy medicine like energizing the body, one might tend to opt for oscillating technology however full body penetration is less than with Flash technology.

With the Flash technology our company has succeeded to obtain both of best worlds, by using wide individual pulses, while each pulse contains lots of energy and at the same time fully penetrating the treated area.

One of the effects of this very high intensity impulse technology is that muscle contractions might occur in high settings. These muscle contractions happen because of the very strong electromagnetic pulses inducted into the body, which create eddy currents inside trigger points of muscles resulting in muscle contractions.

The pulse rise time of spark systems is similarly fast as for the Flash pulses but the quantity of energy inside each pulse is neglectable compared with the Flash systems. The very fast rise time of the Flash pulses of 140 micro seconds does penetrate very deep through the body. 

Flash pulse compared with spark pulse.jpg

The area in red represents the quantity of energy inside each pulse

Compared to e.g. nano-seconds spark systems the quantity of energy of the Flash pulses is thousands of times more as can be seen in the picture at the right.


These quantities of Flash energy inside the pulses is huge because the duration of each pulse is a milli-second as can be seen in the red area of this picture between the green arrows.

Because each individual high intensity pulse generated by the Flash device having a very long pulse duration [pulse width] and as such these Flash pulses do contain a high amount of energy and do induct a large amount of energy into the body.

Flash pulse rise time.jpg

The pulse rise time

Flash energy inside each pulse.jpg

The area in red represents the quantity of energy inside each pulse

High intensity magnetic fields are used for wound healing, deep vascular improvement, symptomatic and functional improvement, reductions in inflammation, improvements in bone density and still end up for general healing, as well as reducing pain.

Which PEMF technology is better for what, remains an open question and a great subject for continuing research.


What can PEMF Flash technology be used for? Short treatment times like minutes are mostly used for fast local pain relief going up to 30 minutes for increased energy transfer into to body because many more impulses are generated during longer therapy sessions.  

When using the optional available software (factory installed) for the Premium and Ultra Flash models, by creating a protocol consisting of higher pulse rates [Pulse Per Second = PPS] an oscillating effect can be obtained similar to the oscillating technology as described here under.

PEMF Energy Medicine or "true" PEMF (some call them oscillating or hummer PEMF devices)

For many other applications often the more classic form of PEMF technology is used. This includes lasting pain relief, healing, increase of cellular energy, increase of peripheral circulation, increase of oxygen uptake, strengthening of the immune system, detoxification, wellness, athletic performance, general health etc. etc. 

Oscillating Curatron models

  • Curatron Home system

  • Curatron XPSE system

  • Curatron PC Super

  • Curatron 3D Ultra

Very high intensity impulse Flash models

  • Curatron Multi-Flash

  • Curatron Premium-Flash

  • Curatron Ultra-Flash

In Conclusion:

We are often asked what system should be bought for what application and here are some suggestions.

Many customers buy a Curatron XPSE with full body mat and very high energy coil, which fully satisfy their needs and we receive numerous emails telling us about their very positive experiences. Having said this we lately see more and more customers buying a Premium-Flash or Ultra-Flash system to obtain as fast as possible tangible results.

Most doctors buy either both the Ultra-Flash and/or the Curatron 3D system to cover all possible applications they have in their practice.

All chiropractors buy the Ultra-Flash, which results in a very high satisfaction effect by their customers.

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