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Curatron PEMF strength test

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Magnetoreception is the term used for the ability of detecting a magnetic field to get a feeling for direction and location.


Many animals possess a magnetic sense. Migratory birds use magnetic clues (in addition to light polarization, star signs, position of the sun) to find their way south in fall and north in spring.

Salamanders, frogs, use the magnetic field for orientation when they have to find the direction of the nearest shore quickly when they feel endangered.

Electromagnetic field homing

Probable basis for navigation is called magnetoreception by detection of the earth's magnetic field. E.g. the ability of homing pigeons to return home by using magnetoreception and possibly other additional methods.



There are several theories on how animals might be able to "sense" magnetic fields: by activation of light-sensitivity in the eye of retinal neurons enabling the bird to "see" a magnetic field, or by oxidation of specific crystals of magnetite [iron oxyde] because in organisms magnetite is the most naturally-occurring magnetic mineral on earth.

Interesting article about magnetoreception in dogs click here ==>

Magnetoreception of dogs

Magnetoreception should not be confused with biomagnetism, which is the ability to generate magnetic fields by organisms. Biomagnetic research is ongoing in humans to measure magnetic fields produced by the heart and brain.

Cats enjoying Curatron pemf

Magneto-cardiography is a new development to measure the electromagnetic fields of the human heart  click here ==>

Also cats seem to have a natural affinity to enjoy the Curatron PEMF system for their wellness

<== see the picture one of our customers sent us.

Magnetoreception of dogs

Human magnetoreception is non-existent and humans are unable to "see" or "feel" electromagnetic fields. 

For this reason the Curatron/Parmeds systems are supplied with a rare-earth test magnet enabling the user to know if there is a pulsed magnetic field or not, without the need for an additional electronic detection device.


Rare earth magnets are permanent strong magnets also called neodymium magnets and consist of neodymium, iron and boron with nickel coating to prevent corrosion. 


With the help of the test magnet the user is able to establish if there is any PEMF or not. This means that the goal of the magnet is to know if the device works or not (yes/no) and by no means will this magnet enable the user to establish the strength of the magnetic field because the pulsed magnetic fields disturb the magnetic field lines of the test magnet itself, which is "translated" into mechanical movements in sync with the pulsing frequency.


These mechanical movements depend on the mass of the test magnet and grade of the used neodymium material. The magnetic strength of such a magnet is also dependent on temperature. 


Of course this method can only be used for high intensity PEMF devices because low intensity devices do not have sufficient power to disturb the magnetic field lines of a test magnet.

Feel the pulses

The mechanical movements of the pulses can be felt while holding the test magnet in the hand over the coil locations in the PEMF applicator. The actual movements of the test magnet is dependent on the pulsing repetition rate [frequency], intensity, location in relation to a specific coil in the applicator, direction of the magnetization of the field lines of the test magnet itself in relation to the current through the applicator coil, distance from the coil [in the middle or at the side], the degree of direction of the magnet held towards the coil etc. etc.

Some people think that the full body mattress might not work optimal because they do not feel the pulses with the test magnet at the edges of the mattress as strong, or not at all, as directly above the coils inside the mattress. It should be clear that the test magnet is only supplied as indicator to test if the system works correctly.

However the pulsing magnetic field even extends beyond the edges of the mat and according to physics laws the vector is crucial to be able to calculate the magnetic flux intensity. The more perpendicular to the coils the decrease is obviously much higher than if the angle of the magnetic field towards the coils is 90 degrees because there the decrease of the field follows the Biot Savart law. For more explanations on this subject refer to the web page "Biot-Savart law". 


In order to feel the Curatron/Parmeds PEMF pulses at a designated area simply hold the test magnet loosely in the palm of the hand directly above one of the coils in the mattress. Because the repetition rate of the pulses depends on the pulsing frequency, for feeling the PEMF pulses the best results can be obtained by choosing program number 8 for the Home system [one pulse per second] program number 4 for the Curatron XPSE/Parmeds Pro system [two pulses per second] and program number 5 for the Curatron PC/Parmeds Super and Ultra 3D systems [two pulses per second]. After pressing the start button the above pulse repetition rates will be clearly felt for the first 5 minutes in movements of the test magnet.

In short: humans are unable to feel differences in the field strengths of PEMF based on movements of the test magnet and in order to know the exact field strength complicated measurements are required. 

The Curatron/Parmeds devices can [optionally] be installed with switches for different voltages and frequencies (115-230 Volt and 50-60 Hz). There are actually several switches on the back panel of the unit and one of them is used to instruct the computer controller inside to change the algorithms for calculation of the pulsing synchronization with the mains frequency for 50 or 60 Hz without influencing the PEMF intensity.


In conclusion: with so many variables it is good to know that with a simple test magnet the proper working of the Curatron/Parmeds PEMF device can be established, however it is not possible to know if the magnetic field pulses are more or less in intensity. Only a calibrated electronic magnetic Hall sensor measurement device is able to follow the fast peak pulses and measure the actual peak strength of the electro magnetic pulses as shown on THIS page. 

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