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The following testimonials are all genuine feedback received from Curatron PEMF device users. 

I decided to purchase a Curatron based on a combination of general research into various machines on the market, plus the quality of the information provided by your website.

Paul B. CA, USA

I purchased the Curatron after being diagnosed with osteoporosis. The last thing I wanted to do was drug therapy. I gave myself one year using the Curatron mattress and high energy coil before returning to my specialist for a follow up bone scan. The results were quite amazing a 10.4% increase in bone density in the area between L1 to L4. I have forwarded my old and new scans on to Ben at Curatronic and given him permission to share these results with anyone who would like to view them. My wife loves it for all sorts of ailments and my 15 year son is on it often for sporting injuries. It is the absolute best thing I have ever done for my overall health.

GC –Australia

I have seen a patient yesterday who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the interventions I tried before were only partly effective. However now she is doing extremely well with your Curatron!

Many thanks.

Dr. Sarah M. UK



My husband is doing very well. The machine has helped his sleeping. He has had sleep apnea since I first met him over 50 years ago and he never wanted to use one of those machines. He used to snore very loudly and gasp in the middle of the night. I’ve noticed that he seems to rarely stop breathing and I don’t hear him gasping the way he used to before using the Curatron Ultra 3D PEMF machine. He says he wakes up more refreshed and rested. I’ll keep a watch on this over time.

Michelle C. USA



It has been pretty good and that is why I am ordering a second one.  I have sons who play lacrosse in college and it is a sport where they get pretty banged up.  For example, one of my sons 'tweaked' his hip flexor muscle and I sent him the PEMF device and he has been using it daily for a week so far.  What I can say is that (from my own experience with hip flexor injuries) if one continues to "run" with this injury, the injury gets worse and not better….clearly the device is working,  as he is 50% better, even while continuing to play lacrosse.  Now that I have seen success with his injury, I was willing to spend another big sum of $$$ to help my other son, who plays college lacrosse.  His thoracic and lower back gets overused and very achy and he just sprained/pulled a calf muscle, so this can help him, as well!!

Good luck,

Kim S.



I ordered the Curatron PEMF device because I’m highly electrical sensitive (I get different sensations of pain in my body depending on the frequencies I encounter) and with all the wireless stuff up these days life became quite painful.. I’d read a lot about how to overcome this, even started a course in unified physics to get a better understanding of the mechanisms involved. There is a lot of stuff on the market for these kind of problems (and lot’s of ‘woo-woo’) but nothing that really helped me. Then after reading a lot decided to buy the sleep tech device (earthpulse) and especially the Schumann frequency was a real relieve but very local and I felt I still came short somehow. So I decided to go for the real thing, ordered the Curatron 3D and my life has changed a lot since then. To start it feels amazing to be on it and love the sensations of the different programmes - for instance the liver resonance also gives me sensations in my thyroid and with the varicose veins I feel the sensations starting as a mist on my skin, then small tingling just under the skin, then moving deeper to the bigger veins and in the end the large veins in my torso and could even feel it move into my hearth. That was quite amazing.

Have also been experimenting a bit with different programmes. 3Hz is one of the more intense frequencies for me for some reason. And have been doing some experimenting with micro-algae. I’m a biologist and one of my expertises is growing micro-algae and one of the reasons for ordering the pad is that it’s easier for me to take with me and of course the strength of the field it generates. Another reason is that there is a sort of ripple-effect of me having this device: everybody that visits, family, friends, are welcome to try and I’m not a doctor but with this beautiful and mild therapy I have available for free just in my home for people that need it is really something that makes me happy. Most come for the bursitis programme but I’ve also for instance had a lady with thyroid problems -  so put her on metabolic deficiencies and besides her having more energy she cried literally for 2 days because also emotionally it got things moving for her which makes a lot of sense to me since all is electromagnetic in essence anyway.

Well, this is maybe a bit long answer to your question but during the short time I’ve had the device I’ve seen a lot and felt a lot myself. Personally my life changed from unliveable to being able to go anywhere and do anything again and being a single mam that’s quite a relief.

So.. this device is highly, highly, highly recommended.

Annelies P. The Netherlands




I have been using my PEMF device faithfully for 90 minutes/day and am enjoying some amazing results.  Half the cartilage is missing in my left knee and I use to experience a lot of pain when walking.  That pain has greatly diminished to the point on most days I have little or no pain.  So I thank you.  I don’t know whether or not it is affecting my CLL, but when I go back to Mayo’s in October I’ll see if my blood picture has changed.  Since I have become so attached to the device  I shall be going to Reno, NV in July, and going to carry it on board with me.

Warren M. DDS



Some news on the PEMF machine. I have been treating a lady with Emphysema with  only 18% lung function left for 12 months on program 7, 8 & 9 two treatments 3 times  a week, and  since we started she has never been back to hospital since. She had to go every 2 to 3 months for a lung “cleanse” and an 8 day intravenous antibiotics course. The PEMF device loosens the phlegm and she then can cough it up. Her overall health improved so much that she now manage to drive her own car and with the aid of oxygen in her trolley does shopping with her husband. She was so weak at first that she could not stand up from her wheelchair. Her lung function increased to 25% . She was preparing for dying when we started treating her and her lquality of ife improved drastically. She admits that she would have been dead if it was not for the treatments.

Hennie J. SA



I would like you to know how thrilled I am with our Curatron. My family and I have been using it for about a year for a variety of things, including migraines, joint & muscle soreness and to accelerate healing. It is incredibly effective, especially in averting a migraine.
Thanks, Viki C.

We really enjoy the Curatron. My wife's back is significantly better. I have also seen improvement in my asthma. Since we are using the Curatron every day and even for travel, we have purchased another unit.
John P.


I am 69 years old and have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have used my Curatron every day for osteoporosis for 6 months. I was having continual pain in my neck and shoulders before I got the Curatron and lost 1 and a half inches in height in my upper spine and had developed a dowager's hump over the last three years. After about 5 weeks of use, the pain in my upper neck is gone, my neck and shoulders are stronger and I have not had any further curvature of the upper back and neck due to osteoporosis since I began the use of the Curatron. I also use the Curatron for pain if I have an arthritis flare. I went nearly 5 months relatively pain-free which is unusual for me. Due to stress, I had an episode with my left hip this week but I have been able to continue going about my daily activities with muscle relaxants and mild pain medication. During the previous hip episode before I started using the Curatron, I was unable to walk for 4 or 5 days, even with the medication and required 6 weeks of physical therapy where I first had EMP therapy. From my personal experience, I would recommend the Curatron to anyone with pain from any type of arthritis.
Ikey N.


Curatron was my last try to save my sister, she could not eat more than 3 different foods and now after 2 months of treatment she is eating most foods as long as it is organic. My family and I are so happy, she is the angel of the family, loved by all.

Thank you so much. 

Cathryn, Australia



Both my wife and I suffer from back complaints so we wanted to try the Curatron, after a friend (who has the more professional unit) and our own research suggested that it would certainly be worth investing in, hopefully for both short term and long term benefits. I am pleased to report that it has certainly achieved both and my wife Maureen who has a degenerative problem in her lower spine, uses it every day and is convinced that the combination of the Curatron therapy and a physio recommended exercise regime has seen a vast improvement in her strength and flexibility.  As for myself, my problem stems from changing from many years of hard physical work to lots of sitting at a desk. I do get some reasonably serious twinges in the lower and upper back but when it occurs, I use the small pad on the localised area and certainly notice an improvement over several sessions. I also use it for both relaxation when required or energising if feeling a little frayed round the edges. I guess I am saying - yep we like the Curatron buzz box- it certainly works for us! 

Mike, Australia



I have been using the mattress and high energy coil on my right knee now for 3 days and the results are unbelievable, I can walk without pain in that knee and I can actually see bones in my leg (all the swelling has gone down).  The surgeon told me I had to have a knee replacement, but if this treatment keeps up like this I can say goodbye to surgery.  I am not sure how it works, but it does, thank you for giving me the opportunity to be pain free and feel human.

Jenni, Australia



I have heard from Allen C. B that he is very happy with his Curatron. I am very grateful for the work you are all doing at Curatronic.

Susan, Australia



Thank you so much for sending data. You are lifesaver and also as far as a testimonial is concerned I can send you a glowing report in only a short time I was astounded at even first therapy results and me being a tesla fan from my early studies in medicine is factor that got my interest and also coming from Israel was knowingly the product would have been research manufactured in par excellence. 

Lionel, Australia



My husband and I purchased your exceptional device and began using it daily.  Since then, we have experienced a great reduction of some symptoms to a total disappearance of others.  For instance the nagging pain and reduced mobility in my neck, due to documented arthritic changes, have almost completely vanished.  A more subtle change that became obvious during this time is a lessening of my food sensitivities and most surprisingly is the disappearance of my long standing feelings of anxiousness that I "learned to live with".Regarding my husband, he has experienced degenerative changes of the spine (various degrees and conditions) which have progressively worsened since being diagnosed over 10 years ago and with all the treatments, consults, medication, etc., 

My observation is that he is generally happier, more  comfortable, and has more mobility since using your device.  As a result of using your wonderful product, Curatron 2000, life is much less painful and much  more pleasant now!

Thank you from 2 satisfied customers!

Harlene, USA



We just used the machine on our first person and the results were great.

Dr. Suzette C., Podiatric Medicine & Foot Surgery, USA



I have used it daily to treat my degenerative disc disease and it allows me to remain functional without having the surgery that I contemplated.  I can recommend the Curatron as a highly effective and high quality piece of equipment.

Dr. Bob



I tried the Curatron myself 4-5 days/week for two months last October & November.  While using it, I noticed I seemed to be more positive minded, and felt temporarily "better" in a difficult to define way.  I theorized that the communication pathways in my body were being unblocked, and perhaps this accounted for my feeling less discouraged, more encouraged, and more that things are going to work out okay. 

Criss, USA



We have used the Curatron 2000PC in our clinic with great success for many conditions, it works very well for arthritic conditions, orthopedic pain, eye issues such as muscular degeneration, and digestive issues.

Dr. J Midwest pain treatment clinic



We purchased the Curatron 2000PC for our pain clinic and had such great results that we had to order 2 more machines, because patients requested it.I like the ability of a higher gauss treatment and the availability with the high power to treat 2 areas at a time.  

Dr. J. B., USA



I have used the Curatron in veterinary to treat fusing hocks, back & hip issues in horses and dogs, tendon injuries, in performances horses and agility dogs, as well as pancreatic an digestive disorders in cats with great success. We notice a huge difference in the performance with treatments before an event.  Great treatment for both a large and small veterinary practice.




I have the new 3-D system as well as the 2000 PC for my pain clinic. The system is great for treating the whole body but with a stronger treatment than I was able to do in the past. Works well for Lyme disease, arthritic conditions, fibromyalgia and other illness and injuries that affect the whole body.       

Dr. Jennifer B, USA



I have been using the Curatron professional system for almost 3 years now.

I have had excellent results with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia patients. 

I believe there is a cumulative positive effect on the immune system from clinical observation.

Dr. Robert J. S. USA



I am a medical doctor and had right hip pain that developed 5 years ago due to an old surfing injury. I walked with a limb and bought the Curatron. Well for the past 5 years I had no pain in my hip and all the discomfort is gone. I was always 5 foot 10 inches tall and today at 61 years of age I measured myself with the same height. 

Dr. Jan B. USA



I bought one of the higher power Curatron 3D models. We have primarily been using this as a unit for osteoporosis with presumed success. Presumed because as you know it takes many months to be able to document for increases in bone mass. I will apprise you of those results when available. Lately, I have clients that have great needs neurologically. One 63 old gentleman with probable Broca's aphasia due to Alzheimers dementia. At this point I have used the unit on him with a self-designed frequency pattern that shows unequivocal improvement, and this is obvious even right after the treatment ends.

So far the greatest result in his speech was after the first treatment.  We have done 5 treatments so far. 

Dr. Wayne B. 



I hope this e-mail catches you doing well.  I am enjoying good health, still working, and play lots of tennis.  I am convinced part of this is due to the Curatron which I use on a regular basis. Since I started using the Curatron about five years ago I have undergone a quadruple bypass for blocked coronary arteries and have recently severely injured my hip playing tennis.  I am happy to say I came through both of these trials without a scratch.  I used the Curatron regularly after my heart surgery and never had any pain.  I can barely see the scar on my chest.  My hip is 100%, also, after extensive use of the Curatron PEMF machine.  I don't believe I look or feel my age.

Again, I am happy I have this device and will continue to use it for my personal use.   

Dr. William B. USA



I'm very happy with my Curatron system, I like the long treatment mat which makes it easy to treat the whole body whilst reading a book or watching TV. I've let friends use my system, I took it with me when I went to visit in the hope they would buy their own (they've been desperately in need) once they know how much the Curatron PEMF system costs they are unwilling to invest in themselves. I don't understand when they know they can be pain free with half an hour a day relaxing.

If you have specific questions I'm happy to answer them, I will continue to be evangelical in my praise of your system, I know my physiotherapist was considering buying one, I haven't needed to use him with having my CuratronPEMF device!

Sandra, USA



Lindsey Vonn, athlete, American Word Cup alpine ski racer on the United States Ski Team. She has won four World Cup championships. Unwilling to write any testimonials "I can't endorse it without written contract".

Said on the telephone: " I love the product, why else would I be buying a third one?”  



Ben Gordon, professional basketball player who currently plays for the Orlando Magic of the NBA. Played college basketball for the University of Connecticut and won a national championship with them in 2004. He is the only player to have ever won the NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award as a rookie. He is second in career three point field goals for the Chicago Bulls.



Lidia Simon, marathon runner, her manager called during the olympics in panic from Australia after having blown the fuses of the Curatron device by connecting a 115Volt device to 230Volt, so we couriered immediate new fuses and the problem was solved. She is the only woman to have competed in the Olympic marathon five times winning a silver medal at the Olympics in Sydney. She is also a former marathon world champion.



My own health status has been dreadful over the space of 12 years (because of serious poisoning) and I have worked and studied in complementary and alternative medicine to help improve this. Main stream medicine and drug regimens have not provided answers, nor given me confidence. Since beginning my treatments with PEMF my health status has soared and I am looking forward to the time when I can claim that I am healthy again, despite the passing of 12 years of ruination!  

I am stronger, have more vitality, flexibility and sleep less; my pain has dramatically reduced; I have been walking, swimming, cycling and even jogging; my dentist was amazed at my healthy condition and the excellent state of my jaw and teeth ( I hadn't seen him for over a year because I was too debilitated for the chair)!  My doctor is also amazed at my apparent healthiness, brilliant vital signs even though I still suffer from hypothyroidism (I'm hoping to clear this too).

Just thought you would like to have this information to hand. 

Joan, UK 



I am having great success with my Curatron PEMF device.  I bought the device because I had a painful shoulder and neck problem and now this is virtually cured and the 3/4" hardened lump by the shoulder joint is half the size and reducing quickly.  Previous treatments have not been able to help.

Teresa, UK



It was the best medical purchase that I have done these years.

I got the best results in my clients especially low back pain and knee problems and osteoporosis. I am completely satisfied with this nice equipment. 

Dr. K.



I had three units working in my Pain Centre.  I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the equipment and the results I received from using them.  I had an 80-85% success rate which you will agree is a very good percentage.  The Curatron is a professional system that hooks up to a computer and you are able to set the treatment to the condition of your patient.  

I tried other PEMF machines much to my dismay and financial loss.  I never looked at any other equipment once I purchased my first Curatron machine.  Once you set one up and see the convenience of using it and the long list of pre-set treatments you to will never look back.  I then purchased 2 more units as I became too busy for the one unit.   

Sheila H.



My wife and (especially) me as well as a few of our friends are using the Curatron regularly. My personal experience (I am 64 years old) is:- I find that it: relaxes muscles, especially across the shoulders after a day in front of the computer, lower back as well as legs. The coil pad I use on my on my liver and other side on the pancreas to rejuvenate (turbocharge) both. I also use it on my face - both cheek areas and found that bad sun damage (developing skin cancers) is disappearing - this is enhanced with occasional use of light therapy. Over the genital area it does wonders for the libido. The whole process (in all areas) is vastly improved by also at the same time breathing 90% pure oxygen for 20 minutes 3 x a week. At Johannesburg altitude extra oxygen does wonders for the body. In short Curatron tones and rejuvenates the whole body, including internal organs, on a cellular level with continued use and the process is enhanced by adding some oxygen.

Jan S. South Africa



Most of the treatments I do are based on manual programing, interesting results that I had with special cases, a case of near retinal detachment been corrected and eye surgery been averted, transverse myelitis case in a patient, that had the condition for 3 years has been reversed, multiple sclerosis with symptoms of blurred sight, one eye half closed and in lower position, one feet dragging, all that have been totally cured in 10 treatments. Many problems in walking due diabetes and blood circulation, very good percentage of good improvement, including closing of diabetic ulcers.

Eithan, clinic Johannesburg, SA



The Curatron bed we use is in our pharmacy nursing clinic. I have treated numerous people with headaches, strains, inflammation, poor circulation and arthritis and received good feedback. I have also had success with leg ulcers where circulation has been the main problem and the bed has definitely made an improvement to the patient’s condition. One male 84 years old said that after every treatment he felt a warm flush coming into his feet and legs following therapy, however therapy was intensive and done every 1-2 days. In general we have been very happy with the device.

Dr. Justin M. Homoeopathic Doctor South Africa



Just to share this with you. Yesterday we went for a very long walk at Le Noil (around 8KM). This was to Mare Cochon along an old paved road which is in very poor condition in certain parts. We started walking at 8 am and got back to the car by 1:30 pm. By which time I could hardly walk and Radhi had also developed a back pain because of long walk back which was entirely downhill on a hard paved surface and it was a very hot day. By the time we got home we both were knocked out and I could barely walk. Radhi had a go on the Curatron mattress and her pain disappeared in about 15 minutes. I did a 30 minute treatment with the pad and it sorted out my pain and stiffness straightaway. I’m back to work today feeling as good as I did before the walk. This thing works!

Vish, Seychelles



We got our Curatron 4 days ago, and my husband has seen improvement already: sleeping without any aid, his anxiety level dropped and overall he's feeling better. For me I haven't had the time to do it more than once a day and my problem is mostly with my immune/nervous system, and probably it takes longer to see improvement for that condition. I'm thankful that people like you exist, with intelligence and willing to help their fellow humans to improve their quality of life. I feel that you are putting humanity first in your product, and that's the reason we decided on your product. Besides, been the best!  

Luisa, Dominican Republic



It is after few months I am contacting you. From my side it is pleasure to inform you that after taking about OA treatments with very high energy coil I am much better. I am moving with say 90% pain relief. I now started treating almost similar cases with 2 more patients. From the start of this year I am getting in average 30 patients a day in all 3 centers. This too without any advertisement. Our findings are that over 90% of the patients go with satisfaction. Let me express my gratitude and respect to Mr. Ben and you all at Curatronic, for the active co-operation and regard shown to me during last 3 years. I consider myself fortunate for having come in contact with highly learned and inventor Mr. Ben whose product has given new hope of cost effective treatment to elders and financially deprived.

G.K. K., Curatron treatment clinic, India



You would be happy to know that we are getting amazing results with Curatron. Here, in India, patients come to us quite late with the chronic conditions, after having tried all sorts of treatments. Even in these advanced cases of osteoarthritis of knee joints, they are going back happy after the treatment.

Dr. Ahmed, Orthopedic Center, India



Bought one machine from you after testing this in India and my relative was suffering from Sarcoidosis and now she is here again in India with a report of complete cure. I am just writing this to thank you for taking good care of her and continue promoting your name to the Indian Residents or anyone living in US and wish to buy PEMF therapy equipment.

Sanjay M. India



About the successful use of the Curatron I have already informed the family doctor, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon at the University Medical Center Ljubljana and my colleagues.

Dr. Andrej K. Slovenia


I have undergone PCNL for calcium oxalate stones every two years for the last 4 times. The kidney stone would not dissolve or come out on its own.  But after buying the Curatron, this time the stone a size slightly smaller than a peanut passed by through my urine as if nothing happened . This definitely is the result of PEMFT Curatron use for 4 months 4 to 5 times a week. I am feeling fresh energetic and all good. My wife was informed that a knee joint replacement was inevitable as the cartilage between the right knee was thinning due to weight.  She had t stop walking in order not to aggravate the situation. 4 Months after we bought the Curatron an X-ray showed that the knees in the standing position had equal cartilage and there were no signs of any problems nor any replacement required. We are both are very happy with the Curatron unit and would recommend the same for a healthy living.

Victor F. Nairobi, Kenya



I must say your company's attention to customers online is some of the best I have seen. That speaks well of your organization.


I would like you to know how thrilled I am with our Curatron PEMF. My family and I have been using it for about a year for a variety of things, including migraines, joint & muscle soreness and to accelerate healing. It is incredibly effective, especially in averting a migraine.

Thanks, Viki Clough, MI, USA



We really enjoy the Curatron. My wife's back is significantly better. I have also seen improvement in my asthma. Since we are using the Curatron PEMF machine every day and even for travel, we have purchased another unit.

J. Parker, TX, USA



I am 69 years old and have osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis. I have used my Curatron every day for osteoporosis for 6 months. I was having continual pain in my neck and shoulders before I got the Curatron PEMF device and lost 1 and a half inches in height in my upper spine and had developed a dowager's hump over the last three years.

After about 5 weeks of use, the pain in my upper neck is gone, my neck and shoulders are stronger and I have not had any further curvature of the upper back and neck due to osteoporosis since I began the use of the Curatron.

I also use the Curatron for pain if I have an arthritis flare. I went nearly 5 months relatively pain-free which is unusual for me. Due to stress, I had an episode with my left hip this week but I have been able to continue going about my daily activities with muscle relaxants and mild pain medication. During the previous hip episode before I started using the Curatron, I was unable to walk for 4 or 5 days, even with the medication and required 6 weeks of physical therapy where I first had EMP therapy. From my personal experience, I would recommend the Curatron PEMF therapy machine to anyone with pain from any type of arthritis.

Ikey Newman, Yukon OK



It is amazing to see the results of your wonderful PEMF device. Patients are very happy with their recovery and the results are simply superb and most encouraging.

Dr. CP Prabhakaran, Chennai, India 



I have used the Curatron for ten months now for hip pain associated with avascular necrosis. It is very effective and controls the pain to the extent that I have full range of motion and can walk normally with no pain. I am very glad I got it and recommend it highly.

Brian Devon, Anaconda MT 



Curatron PEMF therapy is an essential part modern management for osteoarthritis and I have treated many patients with full satisfaction. I have been using the Curatron device for a week and have had a 90% reduction in pain.

Thank you so much for your help.

Dr B. K. 



We are successfully using Curatron PC units in our Pain Clinic for over 4 years. We found it to be especially good when treating persons with osteoarthritis and after 18 sessions 85% of our patients were remarkably improved. 70-100% of the patients are pain free and stay that way for close to a year after which they return for another series of treatments.

After 3 sets of treatments they then only need to come in for the occasional session. We would highly recommend the use of PEMF therapy using the Curatron PC unit for anyone suffering from osteoarthritis.

Sheila Hatfield



I have been using the PEMF Curatron 2000PC for some 19 months now and have now been able to reduce my medications. I use the Curatron daily for various problems associated with my spinal cord injury and continue to find the results remarkable.

I have also treated the foot of a friend, which had become crippled from 30 year old fracture, after a horse stood on it. In just 3 months the foot is much straighter and the large bulge is much reduced leaving us all amazed. 

With much appreciation.

Susan Bennett-G, Australia



We loooove your system. I suffer from chronic upper back problems due to working all day reading and on the computer. I almost feel normal now! My mom suffers from pain in the wrists and the pain is now gone. Since we both use it we actually fight for it, this is why I want another one.

Gabriel Romanillos, Mexico



The Curatron machine is just wonderful and amazing. As a therapist who always tries new products on myself to ascertain how it works, before trying it on patients. The back problem I have had for 7 years has been cured with 5 daily sessions of using the machine. I have had on and off pain in my right sacro-iliac joint for seven years, which has been more or less constant in the past year and becomes worse with prolonged walking. I did every thing I know to do as a physiotherapist and do get pain relief, but not complete elimination of the pain. I used the Curatron PEMF every night before going to sleep for 5 days and the pain is completely gone! For the first time in about 2 years I was able to remain on my feet for 2 hours without needing to sit down in between and take a rest because of the pain in my back.

This is now my second week of being completely pain free and not needing to take any analgesic for pain and it is not in my head but it is real! It is wonderful. Thank you.

Christine Ezediuno PT, UK



I have found the Curatron PEMF therapy to be very useful for fatigue, fibromyalgia, painful conditions which do not show up on diagnostic imaging, asthma, headaches, insomnia, and lack of vitality to name some of the conditions I have treated with this technology. An almost universal theme is that people feel a feeling of wellness and calmness after the treatment with often extends beyond the treatment.

Dr. B. S.



I have used and recommend the Curatron 2000XP to treat many conditions involving the musculo-skeletal system and many pain problems as well. I have found it to be a unique and helpful device for my patients.    

Dr. Ronald L. Neurologist 



I saw a patient with chronic fibromyalgia at the front desk after her second PEMF treatment with Curatron. I asked her how she felt. She said "WONDERFUL". I asked her why she felt wonderful and she replied "Because I don't feel any pain now!" The patient continues to improve, she just had her third treatment.

Dr. Bob S. 



I have used your PEMF Curatron clinical model for over a year now and the results for my patients has been nothing short of amazing. Patients with chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis etc. have had tremendous reductions in pain with increase in their ROM. Also, fatigue from various chronic conditions have also responded with very satisfactory results. However, the most amazing results have been with osteoporotic patients. In most cases, bone mass significantly increased in 3-6 months. This being truly phenominal because treatments for osteoporosis usually takes in excess of 12 months to see any change in bone mass. I can say with confidence that the Curatron PEMF technology has helped my patients and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is suffering.

Dr. James C. 



I have the system up and running.  I am extremely happy with the results, and I do not think I will be disappointed in the future.  As you know I have used the Magnetoron over 20 years.  I was happy with the results with this device also, but the Curatron PEMF machine is superior in several ways.  It is physically much easier to use than a barrel that came with the Magnetoton.  Also, your power is higher, and I think that makes the system more effective.

Dr. Bill B. 



I purchased a PEMF Curatronic mattress from you and began rebuilding the density of my bones successfully.

Thank you very much.  My life is far better then it was.

Vondell S. 



After one week of analyzing your machine, I confirmed it. It's the best of the three! I also own the QRS and MagnoPro.I started with the QRS about 2 years ago. Then purchased the MagnoPro and liked it much better. But none of those compares to your unit. It's really that good. You can feel the warmth during the sessions. Sleep deeper. overall energy has increased.

Thanks so much!!!!

Ernesto R. 



I purchased the system for my mother. She had a myriad of spinal problems. She said that she continues to use it daily and truly believes she would have had to have surgery had it not been for finding the Curatron PEMF machine. She reports she's able to do things that she couldn't do before, as well as having more energy that lasts longer into the day. She's a firm believer in the Curatron!




After many years of suffering from very painful knees, I finally decided to do something about it and purchased the Curatron PEMF system. At the start I did some experimenting and I have now settled for program 3. My pain level is definitely much less than it was a few months ago when I started on the Curatron. The only things I have changed in life are starting to use the Curatron and taking cod liver oil. I am convinced that the Curatron does the actual part of the pain reduction.

One more interesting observation: if I use the Curatron every day for 30 minutes my knees feel VERY good but when not using it for 3 days the pain gradually starts to return so I make sure I use the Curatron at least every other day.




My name is Deni Stewart and I have fibromyalgia. This syndrome, as FM has been labeled, has completely changed my life and definitely not for the better.  The constant pain has been so much of a disabling factor that I can no longer function normally. One of the many facets of FM is something I commonly call "body hum".  If you are a fellow FM suffer you already understand what I mean. After three treatments this "body hum" has been totally eliminated. I am extremely grateful to Sheila and the PEMF treatments for enhancing the quality of my life. Now after several more treatments I have found that I sleep more deeply and I have seen moderate changes to my body's overall stability.

The effects of the changes resulting from PEMF treatments have been observed by several health care professionals but especially my chiropractor. He commented that I am now more capable of holding an adjustment. He also observed that I seem to be much happier in general. And this is the case...I have had a wonderful I don't think I would have had without PEMF.

Thank you!

Deni S. 



I was very surprised by my personal experience. I am a fervent sportsman and train daily but often suffer from painful ulceration on my feet, for which I use sometimes some ointment. After a long company holiday in January I returned to our freezing office and could not endure that my feet were numbed with the cold. At last I brought the Curatron PEMF mat into my office and put the pad under my feet and switched it on. For a while my feet were warmed and became comfortable.

When I came home in the evening and took off my socks I was very surprised and could not believe it: my painful ulcerated athlete's foot was healed up completely in only one day!

Thank you Curatronic!

Zen S. Tokyo, Japan



We are having very good success with the equipment. Our success rate is between 87-90% and we see remarkable results in our patients. The equipment is easy to operate does not take up more space than a small computer desk.  The clients find it quite comfortable and enjoy their quiet time while they are being treated.

We only have one center right now but are in the middle of planning to set up a new second clinic in a more populated area with a couple of systems. Curatronic has been an absolute wonderful advisor while we got used to the equipment and the proper way of using the equipment with the different clients and their problems. They do not just sell you the equipment and leave you high and dry but they are very supportive and helpful.

The equipment works extremely well with lower back pain, OA and sciatic problems. I highly recommend the Curatron PEMF, we would not consider opening up our other centers with any other equipment than Curatron.

Sheila H.  R.N. 



We compared many different PEMF systems at our therapy center and the Curatron has opened up a new world for us.

We have now in use 4 sets of clinical Curatron machines at our therapy center. Over the last 2 years we have treated thousands of patients and they have greatly benefited from the Curatron PEMF systems.

With the help of the Curatron we witness the cure of inflammations, osteoarthritis, relief of rheumatic pains and pain in general and extremely fast fracture healing, better and in a much shorter time than with any other therapy device.In addition we use the systems for migraine, neuralgia, fibromyalgia, tendinitis, trauma and wound healing.

We highly recommend the use of the Curatron.

Izik F. DPT Sheba Hospital, Israel



On my visit to New Delhi I met with your distributor for Curatron PEMF devices and found it an excellent masterpiece of Digital, Pulsating, Low frequency Electromagnetic field.

Dr. J. P.  Karela, India



I have been using the Curatron XP for about three weeks now and I can report that a persistent pain I had been experiencing at areas along my spine has subsided to the point that I am only rarely aware of it.




I have been intending to contact you with regard to the Curatron 2000 PC PEMF system.  I am very pleased with the results.  I have received very positive feedback from the patients who were previously treated by the ELEC System.

Peter P. Therapist U.K.



I had to quit dancing because of a severe pain that had crept through my body. I was in severe pain in all parts of my body when we came across the Curatron PEMF line of products. After one month on the machine the symptoms were gone and I just continue to use the unit regularly. I have made it back now to dancing for which I am extremely thankful.

J. A. 



Due to arthritis and spurs, my neck was killing me. The muscles tightening were obviously constricting the blood flow to the head, besides, a bad knee too, kept me in check. Then I bought a Curatron PEMF home system. I used it alternately on different places of my body. I have had great results.

N. P. U.K.



Rheumatoid Arthritis in both my hands rendered me sleepless for years. Growing deposits on my fingers and pain equivalent to knitting needles poking through my hands had me wondering about a normal life. Then one day I was introduced to the Curatron PEMF machine. At night I would use the unit reducing the pain and swelling by 90% almost instantly. Subsequently my condition in the past two months has greatly improved. I'm able to move my fingers and see the knuckles on my hands because the swelling is gone. And I can work and sleep again.

What a find.

B. S.



I am 73 and I was suffering with severe pain in my left elbow. It was so painful that it kept me awake at night.

I used a PEMF Curatron unit and was able to sleep all night after just a few days. After several weeks my elbow was pain free.

S. D. A.



As a dentist suffering form a tennis elbow it became more and more problematic to treat my patients and to extract teeth, due to my seriously painful arm. After 6 weeks PEMF treatments with a Curatron device the pain had completely gone and he was able to resume my work without further problems.


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