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PEMF Energy Medicine

PEMF is also called energy medicine but calling all  PEMF machines pure energy devices might be confusing because of the quantity of energy transferred into the body compared between oscillating and impulse technology is different.

If high intensity pulses are generated by spark technology the pulse duration is extremely short [nano or micro seconds] and mainly trigger muscle contractions but do hardly induce any reasonable quantity of energy into the body.  

Compared to each individual high intensity pulse generated by the Flash devices, having a very long pulse duration [pulse width] of thousands of times longer than spark devices, and as such these Flash pulses do contain a high amount of energy and do induct a large amount of energy into the body.

Energy medicine

Radiant energy is the energy of electromagnetic waves. The quantity of radiant energy is calculated by integrating radiant flux [or power] with respect to the length of time this energy is generated. This amount of energy is expressed in Joules.

Because electromagnetic radiation can be  understood as a stream of photons and the radiant energy is the quantity of energy carried by these photons. Electromagnetic radiation is also equivalent to electromagnetic waves containing energy in oscillating electric - and magnetic fields.

Photon energy is also used for generating electricity with solar panels and and for sun boilers.

Sun boiler

The energy of a monochromatic wave is proportional to the intensity of that wave. If two electromagnetic waves have the same intensity but different frequencies the lower frequency wave has more intensity because the photons are proportional to the frequency.

Electromagnetic waves inducted deep into the body are converted to tiny electical currents responsible for the healing properties. 

Solar energy
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