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PEMF Technology

Introduction by the CEO and Product Manager of Curatronic Ltd.

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Lately we receive more and more emails asking us to compare the Curatron PEMF systems with other PEMF devices on the market.


I am extremely averse to practice the same aggressive marketing methods used by some other companies that sell so called “better” or “similar” PEMF devices.


These companies create “comparison tables” with completely misleading and false claims, making it very difficult for people who are not familiar with PEMF technology, to choose between the different systems.


Many people have neither a technical nor medical background and do not have the tools to make comparisons themselves. This leads that some people believe everything that is written in attractive and expensive marketing materials these companies provide.


Some companies make very nice video presentations or website pages like “15 Reasons to buy” or “More is not better” or “PEMF therapy review” and "Buyer's guides".


Several companies sell books about PEMF written by self-proclaimed “expert authors” with contents completely geared towards a specific device. Then it turns out that such an “expert author” is just a very “clever” sales person of PEMF devices and only interested in pushing and selling a specific device because of the profit he makes from it.


Some companies make false claims that their devices are “Standing above the rest” and warn against “Comparing apples and oranges” while creating so called comparison charts based on non-existing comparisons of “scientific studies”.


Even worse: writing pure nonsense in their so called “comparison table”, either on purpose or simply because they do not understand what other companies offer in reality.


It is a pity to see that these companies are simply “copy cats” because already starting years ago, Curatronic was the first company to add a lot of technical information to their website, with the sole purpose of educating people who are interested in learning about PEMF.


That other companies tried to follow our example by creating “similar” technical information is very positive; if only they would not have been tempted by commercial interests and mislead potential customers with completely wrong information.


The purpose of the Technology pages on this website is to provide the reader with objective explanations about PEMF parameters, as I believe that honest and clear information is much better than methods used by other companies.


Our systems are used worldwide in more than 95 countries on 5 continents.

Hundreds of millions of Curatron PEMF treatments have been completed with great success by both our Home systems and our Professional line of therapy systems.   


If you decide to purchase a PEMF device I urge you to read through the next pages and I am more than happy to reply to any question you will email me.


I wish you excellent health!

Ben Philipson

In this technology section we provide clear and detailed explanations about all the different parameters used for successful application of PEMF therapy, and not just for Curatron. We advise starting with the Intensity and working your way down.


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