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Distance from coil

PEMF devices only able to generate low intensity fields (in the micro Tesla range) require very sensitive electronic magnetic field detectors in order to show that some magnetic field is actually generated at all, for this field cannot be detected otherwise.


These magnetic field strengths are unable to penetrate into the body more than an inch as becomes clear by the following explanation. 

The pulsing magnetic intensity decreases quickly with distance, according to the so called "Inverse Square Law". If you move away from the pad, the actual magnetic field intensity drops by the square of the distance. 


This means that if you have a specific field strength directly at the surface of the pad (red in the picture to the left) and you move away from the pad, the magnetic field strength drops fast. If the separation distance increases by a factor of 2, the field strength decreases by a factor of 4. If the separation distance increases by a factor of 3, the field strength decreases by a factor of 9. If theseparation distance increases by a factor of 4 the field strength decreases by a factor of 16!


This becomes clear when we look at the picture: Through the lowest yellow area passes all the energy because it is close to the pad. When we double the distance away from the pad just 25% of the energy passes through a similar yellow area. Now double the distance again and see how little of the original energy passes through a similar yellow area at the top of the picture (around 11%).

This explains why it is crucial to have sufficient pulsed magnetic energy available from the beginning, otherwise it will do nothing deep inside the body, which is absolutely necessary for successful PEMF applications!


This is the reason why all different PEMF Curatron models manufactured by our company generate magnetic field strengths up to the milliTesla range. This of course requires a much superior engineering design than PEMF devices that are only able to generate low microTesla levels. 


This is not only what we believe in, but it is also confirmed by numerous customers in more than 80 countries around the world, with tens of millions of Curatron PEMF therapy sessions!


For the models controlled by our PC software the users can define the intensities for the field strengths themselves, even down into the micro Tesla range, in the rare case that they may want to use it exclusively for very superficial therapy purposes.   

In order to be able to accurately measure the Tesla values of pulsing electromagnetic fields, very special measuring equipment is required. 


Hall effect sensors are used, named after Edwin Hall, an American physicist, who invented the sensor. 


Our company uses a laser calibrated linear Hall effect sensor for this purpose in order to obtain reliable measurement values.


After amplification of the electrical voltage generated by the Hall sensor, the detected signals are visualized on an instrument called oscilloscope, which shows the exact pulse forms, and the Tesla values are obtained.