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Improving fitness

Only a body which is sufficiently supplied with energy is able to control regeneration and healing. A body with an optimum amount of energy is able to resist diseases and stay fit and healthy. When the cells are healthy, the body is healthy. If the cells lack energy, their function is impaired and if this state persists, cell damage occurs. Subsequently the organs and glands are weakened and the body is thrown out of balance.


Balanced and optimal pulsating electromagnetic energy applied with the Curatron activates metabolism and improves the energy balance, resulting in improved health and fitness. After the body has been restored to its optimal state, the Curatron helps preserve fitness and physical robustness.

With the help of the Curatron PEMF system, you can reach an optimum state of health and fitness. Your body will produce more energy and its natural healing powers will be activated, dramatically improving your quality of life!

PEMF Therapy forfitness
PEMF Therapy forfitness

The Olympic Marathon silver medal winner used the Curatron to energize her body. We feel that we have played a part in her success! 

Stay fit with Curatron PEMF

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