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Peripheral neuropathy is also called peripheral neuritis and a common cause of peripheral neuropathy is diabetes. It also happens as result of chemotherapy treatment. Peripheral neuropathy may first be noticed by symptoms of numbness, tingling and pain in feet. 

Curatron PEMF therapy shows to be effective and safe in the treatment of diabetic and chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy.

Love my Curatron, every patient that we treat with diabetic neuropathy sees resolution of their neuropathy without exception.

Dr. Evan W. Ptittsburg

Just want to say that I have lots of benefits using the Curatron during my chemotherapy treatments. Daily use with the high energy coil on hands and feet during 9 weeks to reduce tingling and itching.

Tomorrow my last chemotherapy treatment but I am going to continue treatments for the benefit of recovery of nerve ends.

Peripheral neuropathy relief with Curatr


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