Very high intensity impulse PEMF device with disruptive technology!



7000 Gauss


The PREMIUM-FLASH is an excellent system for clinical use and for discerning individuals looking for very high impulse PEMF therapy. No other system offers so many features in this intensity and price range .


The PREMIUM-FLASH system is an excellent solution for practitioners because of the very high impulse intensities and the wide application possibilities.


The PREMIUM-FLASH high intensity PEMF system is fully electronically controlled by high voltage solid state semiconductor technology and no parts need to be replaced making the units completely service free, like all other Curatron models.

The Curatron PREMIUM-FLASH unit has 10 internal computer controlled programs offering a wide choice for many treatment possibilities. 

Specifications PREMIUM-FLASH

Waveform                            impulse

Maximum intensity           7000 Gauss = 700 milli Tesla = .7 Tesla

10 Programs                        5 – 20 minutes and optional software

Pulse rate                             < 1 – 10 pulse/second

Clock & program display  built-in

Dimensions unit                 11.5” x 10.2” x 3”

Unit weight                          9 lbs.

Included                               PREMIUM unit, 12” loop coil & test magnet

Input voltage                      115/230 volt 

Warranty period                3 years on unit and 6 months on loop coil  

Options                                Pad, medium mat and full body mat

Optional PEMF software for PREMIUM-FLASH MODEL

In addition to the 10 ready for use programs the Curatron PREMIUM-FLASH system can also be fully controlled through the optional USB connection of a PC/Laptop computer with the special FLASH software. 

  • FLASH pulse frequencies with related intensities and timing for each pulsing stage are under direct command and control of the PC/Laptop program running under Windows 10.

  • Therapy programs can be freely created by the user and can be saved in the database and then run fully automatic.

  • Unique programs can easily be created and saved e.g. a full automatic PEMF frequency sweep program which automatically runs through a series of frequencies during the therapy session.

  • User-friendly database for demographic patient data including treatment follow up.

  • Free notes editing.

  • Full report printing, including treatment history data, treatment time and accumulated treatment time.

  • Very easy installation without basic computer knowledge.

To read more about explanations on FLASH impulse PEMF technology see under the Technology section.

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