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Our extensive product portfolio

Curatron PEMF products brochure
Understanding PEMF Energy Medicine

Understanding Curatron PEMF technology

All devices are solid-state and no maintenance is required!           3 Year warranty on all devices!

All Curatron products are also sold under the Parmeds name

Curatron PEMF Home system

Curatron Home system

Complete PEMF Therapy & Wellness system for use at home.

Curatron XPSE PEMF device

Curatron XPSE

Universal Curatron XPSE Professional PEMF system

Curatron PC Super

Curatron PC Super

Comprehensive Clinical Therapy Center
complete with PEMF software for computer/laptop

Curatron high intensity Flash

Curatron FLASH systems

High intensity impulse PEMF devices

Curatron 3D Ultra clinical PEMF the

Curatron 3D Ultra

Curatron 3D Ultra Power Therapy System

Curatron universal horse pemf blanket

Equine & Animal

Curavet website

3 year warranty on Curatron PEMF units

"I have used and recommend the Curatron to treat many conditions involving the musculo-skeletal system and many pain problems as well. I have found it to be a unique and helpful device for my patients." 

Ronald Lawrence MD Ph.D. Neurologist

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