Field polarity

It is nonsense to claim that PEMF pulsed magnetic fields have a positive or negative field.

The same is true for stating that there is a North or South pole magnetic field for pulsed electromagnetic fields because thepulsing field changes polarity the whole time. 


Moving a compass over a coil from the outside towards the inside and move it again towards the other outside of a coil you can see that the polariry of the field changes directions. E.g. from North to South, from South to North, and again from North to South etc.


This is also the reason why you do not need to use a specific side of the PEMF coil applicator  because the same field extends at both sides of the coil. This is the reason why you can use with the Curatron PEMF applicator like a high energy coil for treatment of e.g. osteoarthritis in both knees at the same time by placing the coil between the knees.

Only static magnets have North and South poles called positive and negative by distributors of such static magnets.


Anyhow, which side is actually called the North pole? The side pointing to the earth north pole or pointing to the south pole? 


In a compass the South pole of the arrow points to the globe’s north but funny enough is called the North pole!

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