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Biological PEMF Windows

This page contains a part of an article written by Dr. Marko Markov, one of the PEMF gurus and author of many articles on PEMF.


One of the most important publications in this field is based on his extensive experience and he is co-editor of the PEMF book Bioelectromagnetic Medicine.

"It has been three decades since the concept of biological windows was introduced. In fact, three groups, unknown to one another, published, almost simultaneously that during evolution Mother Nature created preferable levels of recognition of the signals from exogenous magnetic fields.


The ‘‘biological windows’’ could be identified by amplitude, frequency and their combinations. The research in this direction requires assessment of the response in a range of amplitudes and frequencies. It has been shown that at least three amplitude windows exist: at 5–10 Gauss, 150–200 Gauss and 450–500 Gauss.


Using cellfree myosin phosphorylation to study a variety of signals, my group has shown that the biological response depends

strongly on the parameters of applied signal, confirming the validity of the last two ‘‘windows’’.


Interestingly, a new PEMF system, developed by Curatronic Ltd. generates electromagnetic signals within the range of these amplitude windows and exploit amplitude signals already proven to be biologically and clinically effective."

PEMF book
Dr. Markov on PEMF

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