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PEMF Safety

We often get the question: Does PEMF cause cancer?


Lots of confusion is going on in respect to safety of PEMF's compared to EMF’s. Real PEMF devices - like Curatron PEMF devices - generate pulsed frequencies under 100 Hz which is classified as Extremly Low Frequencies (ELF).

Electromagnetic fields of power lines

PEMF is extremely low frequency pulsing energy ranging from 1 Hz to 50 Hz.


Electromagnetic fields are usually mixed up with 50 or 60 Hz electromagnetic radiation around high voltage power lines and transformers, which generate a continuous electromagnetic field.  


The behavior of these electromagnetic fields are completely different from PEMF and the warnings should be taken seriously because they are correct! 

Short wave therapy devices are used by physiotherapists for internal body warming. 

These devices are not PEMF devices but Short Wave Diathermy and they generate a frequency of 27 MHz (27.000.000 Hz). 

Extended time exposure of these frequencies is potential harmful being the reason why this form of therapy is time limited. 

Is diathermy pemf
Electromagnetic radiation of cell phone tower

High frequencies like cell phones work with frequencies higher than 800 MHz (800.000.000 Hz) and it is an open question if they might cause cancer.


These discussions will definitely still take many years before firm conclusions can be drawn.


So far there is no firm proof that indeed they stimulate cancer growth and at this stage the recommendations are not to let children use cell phones for extended periods because the device is held close to the brain still under development. 

Microwave ovens use 2.45 GHz (2.450.000.000 Hz) and are dangerous when applied directly to the eyes and testis as blood flow in these organs is limited and thus cannot "cool off" the heating effect. This is the reason why the microwave stops working when the door is opened in the middle to avoid danger. The heating of the food occurs due to friction of the agitated molecules. 


Electromagnetic radiation of microwave oven

From the explanations above it is now clear that real PEMF is safe and proven not to cause cancer.

True Curatron PEMF devices are completely safe because the pulsing frequencies are under 100 Hz.  

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