The brand-new super high intensity Curatron Flash PEMF system generates intensities of up-to 7,000 Gauss with Power Booster!

Included with the system are a 12” coil applicator and a 18”x18” pad thearpy for inserting coil.

Curatron FLASH

    • PEMF Flash software for Windows & Mac to create and save your own protocols Including USB cables. Available in store.
    • 7” x 7” coil pad for Curatron Flash system, Available in store.
    • 18” x 23” mat complete with flash coil system inside

    • Power Booster


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The only company in the world manufacturing a complete line of PEMF machines based on different technologies. Starting with PEMF Home devices up to full clinical PEMF systems.

Curatron FLASH PEMF system for instant pain relief also an excellent choice for chiropractors.

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